Error code C-0213 for Bizhub Press 1250 1250P 1052 Bizhub Pro 951

Code: C-0213
 Classification: PF: Tray 10
The locking of the middle tray paper lift motor/2 (M8) of 3rd tandem PF-703 is detected.
An error detection signal of the M8 is detected while the M8 is active.                                                                                                     
Measures to take when alert occurs:                                                              
The main body and the option stop immediately.   
Estimated abnormal parts:
  • Paper lift motor /2 (M8: PF-703)
  • PF drive board (PFUDB: PF-703)
Turn OFF/ON the power switch (SW2) of the main body when releasing an abnormal condition.                                                                                                  
Note: "Please call service" is displayed on the touch panel.                                         
  1. Check the connector connection and the wiring between PFUDB and motor, and repair it if any abnormality.
  2. Check the I/O drive of the motor and the coupling of the gear, and repair or replace it if there is any abnormality. (Wiring diagram: PF-703: 12-F).
  3. Replace M8
  4. Replace PFUDB
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