Error code C-0589 for Bizhub Press 1250 1250P 1052 Bizhub Pro 951

Code: C-0589
Classification: PF: PF power source abnormality
3rd tandem PF-703 paper suction fan /5 (FM17) power abnormality.
After the FM17 becomes active, the FM17EM error detection signal is detected twice in succession within a specified period of time. At this time, an error detection signal (blowout of ICP) is also detected. 
Measures to take when alert occurs:
The main body and the option stop immediately.                                                 

Estimated abnormal parts:

  • Paper suction fan /5 (FM17: PF-703)
  • PF drive board (PFUDB: PF-703)
Turn OFF/ON the power switch (SW2) of the main body when releasing an abnormal condition.
Note:  "Please call service" is displayed on the touch panel.
  1. Check the connector connection and the wiring between PFUDB and the fan, and repair it if any abnormality. 
  2. Rotate the fan or I/O by hand, and repair it if any abnormality. (Wiring diagram: PF-703: 19-L).
  3. Replace FM17 and PFUDB.          
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